Retirement Planning

How Milestone can help:

What does retirement mean to you? How much money do I need in order to make the transition into retirement? Where will my retirement income come from? When should I apply for Social Security? Milestone helps you answer these tough questions through proper analysis and planning, giving you confidence while enjoying retirement. 

Planning Stage:

Working toward retirement

  • Analyze required savings and investing needs in order to retire
    • What will your lifestyle be like in retirement?
    • Determine a savings strategy to meet your milestone
    • Learn about healthcare and Social Security benefits

Getting ready to retire in 2-5 years

  • Develop a retirement income strategy to prepare for retired living
    • Determine income needs to meet your desired retirement lifestyle
    • Review health care options to meet needs in retirement
    • Begin to strategize income sources and plan for taxes

Will retire in 2 years

  • Determine your income and expenses in retirement to be fully prepared
    • Finalize age and Social Security benefit strategy
    • Required minimum distribution outlook
    • Review retirement income options while maintaining tax efficiency

Already retired

  • Enjoy your retirement through flexible planning
    • Make sure your money will last as long as you
    • Mitigate inflation risk
    • Assess market risk and retirement income strategies